History in a nutshell

Gröninger - Founded 1947
Shipping & Trading Company 1947

In 1947 the Gröninger Shipping and Business Enterprise was founded and was renamed Gröninger Cleaning Systems in 2004. Despite its many years of existence Gröninger is still an energetic, creative and innovative company where it comes to cleaning systems. The history in a nutshell.


1st high-pressure cleaner 1963
1st high-pressure cleaner 1963

Father Gröninger founded the company together with his son. In the early days, the company was primarily active in trade and transportation of minerals, ores, furnace slag, etc., and was located on the Westersingel in Rotterdam.
In the late 50's the activities became more focused on technology. The company traded in machinery for the concrete industry and agriculture, as well as in steam generators, air heaters and steam jet cleaners. With Frank and Ralph Gröninger, the third generation took the lead. Frank took on the general management and Ralph became the man with a heart for technology. Thanks to him the first in-house technical developments were created. Meanwhile, the office moved to the Hofplein in Rotterdam.


1st tank cleaning Bos Dordrecht 1969

This period saw the start of the cooperation with the German company Kärcher GmbH, which was a relatively small and unknown family business in those days. Ralph Gröninger did his internship in the German factory and from that moment onwards, the company started focusing on activities linked to cleaning. In 1973 the company moved to Fokkerstraat in Schiedam.

Due to its rapid growth and the success of the high-pressure cleaner, Kärcher GmbH decided to open its own sales and distribution offices in the Benelux. Gröninger became its exclusive dealer for the Greater Rijnmond region. Soon Kärcher Center Gröninger focused exclusively on the B2B market for cleaning systems. The increasing demand for customised cleaning solutions saw the creation of the Mainpro department, a department which develops customised solutions for diverse cleaning challenges. Gröninger subsequently became a pioneer when it came to tank cleaning installations. The company also started supplying stationary cleaning systems, washing tunnels, IBC / barrel cleaners and a series of varied specialised products. Many systems became available for different industry sectors (food, non-food and the chemical industry), transport and logistics, environmental services and shipping / offshore.


1st Cleanpack Weigand Sittensen 2001

This was a period of strong growth in terms of turnover and number of employees, but also a period of far-reaching professionalization mainly within the Benelux area, but occasionally covering a project from across the border.

Gröninger increasingly developed into a company providing total solutions in collaboration with technical partners. Technical development also flourished. In 2001, the first in-house developed modular installation, the so-called Cleanpack, was delivered. Gröninger’s excellent reputation in customised cleaning systems went across the country’s borders. Increasingly, international deliveries were made, mainly in Germany and Switzerland to begin with.


Transfer ownership Gröninger 2004
Transfer ownership Gröninger 2004

Given their age and leaving no natural successors, Frank and Ralph Gröninger decided to sell the company in 2004 to ensure its continuity. After a careful selection process a suitable candidate had been identified to take over the company and manage it fully autonomously. In 2004, the transfer to its current management, Henk Klein and Berthold Schaap, was completed. The company name was changed to Gröninger Cleaning Systems, a name that fully covered the activities of the company.

The main priorities of its new management are continuity, international commercial expansion and technical innovation, and successfully. Flags were placed on a map to indicate where installations had been supplied in different European countries, spreading from Sweden to Italy and from the United Kingdom to Turkey. At the same time, many new products and systems were introduced.

In the autumn of 2007, Gröninger celebrated its sixtieth anniversary.


Gröninger - Asia office opened 2011.
Singapore office opened 2011.
Gröninger- agent for India 2013
New agent for India 2013

In 2011 Gröninger Asia Pte. Ltd was opened in Singapore. The Southeast Asian market is being served under the management of Lindsey Wallace, resulting in projects in countries like China and Vietnam. The office in Schiedam also acquired some major projects in the Middle East, Africa and at the Indian subcontinent.
In 2013 Gröninger won a first project in South America. It was also decided that the department Parts & Service would be created and at the same time, in the Greater Rijnmond region, Gröninger became the selected partner for the complete cleaning equipment package of the Danish company Nilfisk-ALTO. In September 2013, Gröninger Cleaning Systems appointed Fahrad K. Cooper from Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd.as the Indian subcontinent agent. Gröninger made its first appearance in India in 2011 with deliveries to Fourcee. The market was promising. With the appointment of Fahrad the market approach was given an extra boost.

2015 - Move to a new location in Rotterdam

Address Gröninger Cleaning Systems: Overschieseweg 111 - 3044 EH - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
New Gröninger plant Rotterdam

In 2015, the engineering and manufacturing operations of the company’s (high pressure and low pressure) cleaning systems and the supply of professional cleaning equipment specifically Nilfisk, Dynajet and Kärcher, has been operating from a new, state of the art, modern facility located at Overschieseweg 111, 3044 EH in Rotterdam. This new location will continue to reflect Gröninger’s core values of reliability, quality and service. 

The facility is situated in a prime location for both customers and suppliers in Rotterdam’s industrial area Spaanse Polder near the junction of highways A20 and A13. The location also can be easily reached from the nearby airports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and all modes of public and private transport. In addition there is plenty of on-site parking.

The new plant has double the amount of square meters of floor area compared to the previous location and offers extra showroom and office space. More importantly, a larger warehouse and expanded manufacturing space will add new dimensions to the display of Gröninger’s service operations and equipment ranges. 

Team with a future

Gröninger / Nilfisk-ALTO Select Partner in 2013
Start of the cooperation Nilfisk-ALTO 2013

Over the years, business has changed, but the principles of reliability, service and quality are still highly valued to this day. Today, the team Gröninger consists of 40 highly motivated and skilled employees.