Projects scaling from small to turn-key

Gröninger Cleaning Systems provides total solutions in cleaning technology. Whether it be for well defined phases or parts of projects, we are your preferred partner.

Our professional, highly experienced engineering team delivers design, development and implementation, regardless of the scope. Gröninger implements projects ranging from relatively simple design projects to large international turn-key projects.

Project phases

Gröninger - Traditional high pressure pump system
Traditional pump system
Gröninger - High pressure pumps in Cleanpack
Pump system in Cleanpack
Gröninger - Container with built-in cleaning system
Container with built-in system

Every project consists of well-defined phases, which Gröninger discusses in close collaboration with the client and any subcontractors:

  • Project idea
  • Definition of cleaning problem / commercial opportunity
  • Pre-study / technical feasibility / economic feasibility
  • Project scope definition / technical project design (block diagram)
  • Project concept proposal
  • Definition of required facilities and infrastructure (architectural, steam, gas, electricity, heating, water, air, waste, fumes etc.)
  • Final project proposal and sign-off
  • Project management
  • Detailed technical design / definition technical implementation
  • Civil construction works
  • Assembly of (cleaning) technique, other components and infrastructure
  • Installation of (cleaning) technique, other components and infrastructure
  • Testing and commissioning of the installation
  • User training and completion/delivery
  • After-sales, Manuals, Service and Maintenance

In summary: Gröninger is playing an active role throughout the entire lifetime of the installation. The oldest installation has been in use for over 40 years!