In many industries

Everything requires cleaning. That is the reason why Gröninger Cleaning Systems deliberately never targeted a particular sector.

Its rich and long company history (see left menu) shows that Gröninger has been more successful in certain sectors than others in terms of variation in applications and number of installations delivered.

Gröninger HQ - Overschieseweg 111 - 3044 EH - Rotterdam (NL)
Gröninger HQ - Overschieseweg 111 - 3044 EH - Rotterdam (NL)

In many countries

With Rotterdam / Schiedam as its home base Gröninger Cleaning Systems has had its roots in the Groot-Rijnmond region for decades. The past 10 years, however, has seen its scope widen internationally. "Cleaning Your World" has become its motto emphasising Gröninger's international ambitions. Gröninger solutions to complex cleaning problems have no boundaries and are always executed with precision.

Many references

Gröninger - Cleaning your Wörld
Cleaning your Wörld

The references provide some practical examples of the wide variety of projects Gröninger Cleaning Systems has been or is currently working on.

Cleaning your wörld

In terms of cleaning, there are very few challenges Gröninger wouldn't take on. The Gröninger experts would be pleased to schedule an appointment to analyse your business requirements and make a suitable proposal.