Applications in environmental services

Washing area Irado Schiedam (NL)
Washing area Irado Schiedam (NL)

Gröninger cleaning systems are frequently used in the environmental services sector, an industry in which the company has a long track record, where the combination of inventiveness, creativity and professionalism has led to many technical solutions.

Gröninger develops systems for both the larger waste processor and smaller waste collector, which often implies a 'customised' solution.
Gröninger supplies equipment for the cleaning of various sorts of wheelie bins, dumpsters and waste barrels, belonging to waste collection stations and municipal waste services.

Gröninger also develops equipment for the cleaning of waste transport systems, piping, heavy vehicles and equipment, land and landfills.

A large number of specialised collectors of fat and oil (vegetable and mineral) also use Gröninger IBC / barrel cleaning systems.

Gröninger Cleaning Systems’ technical team starts with a thorough analysis of the business requirements to come to a solution that works in practice.

In addition to any customised products, the Nilfisk-ALTO and Kärcher products are perfectly suited for more general cleaning processes in the environmental services industry.