Applications in the non-food industry

Cleaning Turbo chargers at ABB (UK)
Cleaning Turbo chargers at ABB (UK)

The non-food sector comprises a wide variety of companies and businesses, but they all have something in common: the purity of chemicals, product safety and reliability of products are bound to stringent requirements.

The continuous risk of contamination could result in loss of products, production loss, consequential loss, quality issues, reputation damage, etc., whereas companies that look clean reinforce the image of quality. Most renowned chemical companies use advanced (ICT) systems to manage their security, to monitor quality and safeguard their production processes, of which cleaning processes form an essential and integral part.

This is exactly where Gröninger can make a significant contribution with its varied range of cleaning systems.

Gröninger provides hardware and software to manufacturing companies for the cleaning of production areas, silos, tanks, machinery, installations, storage containers, dosing systems, mixing tanks, filling stations, means of production, production tanks, storage tanks, loading stations, production line, piping, barrels, IBCs, etc., and any combinations of the above.

Gröninger Cleaning Systems’ technical team starts with a thorough analysis of your business requirements to come to a solution that works in practice.

In addition to any customised products, the Nilfisk-ALTO and Kärcher products are perfectly suited for more general cleaning processes in the food industry.