Applications in shipping, shipbuilding and offshore

Livestock carrying by Vroon Shipping
Livestock carrying by Vroon Shipping

With Rotterdam / Schiedam as its home base Gröninger Cleaning Systems has always had a close connection to the maritime sector.

The maritime sector forms a cluster of very varied and highly specialised companies, with all having something in common. This industry is bound to stringent requirements in terms of safety, environmental friendliness and the reliability of systems that operate under very heavy conditions but are nonetheless easy to use. There is continuous risk of contamination, personal injury and material damage, resulting in loss of availability of vessels and installations, consequential damage, environmental damage, quality issues, reputation damage or even worse, loss of human or animal live.

Safe management fosters an image of quality and operational reliability at sea. Most renowned chemical companies use advanced systems to manage their security, to monitor quality and safeguard their production processes, which the cleaning process at sea forms an essential and integral part. This is exactly where Gröninger can make a significant contribution with its varied range of cleaning systems.

For the maritime cluster Gröninger provides installations for the cleaning of spaces, decks, tanks, machinery, installations, storage containers, filling stations, production areas, production tanks, storage tanks, loading stations, pumping stations, production lines, piping, barrels, IBCs, etc. and any combination of the above.

The Gröninger Cleaning Systems technical team begins with a thorough analysis of the ship's status, including the requirements in terms of maritime product design and explosive safety.

In addition to any customised products, the Nilfisk-ALTO and Kärcher products are perfectly suited for more general cleaning processes in the shipping and offshore industry.