Applications in transport and logistics

Tank cleaning at TCE - Europoort (NL)
Tank cleaning at TCE - Europoort (NL)

For Gröninger Cleaning Systems the transport sector is an important sector. The company has definitely been the global partner of choice in tank cleaning.

Transport companies are bound to stringent requirements in terms of the interior and exterior cleaning of their vehicles. Logistics service providers want clean buildings and premises. After all, this contributes to the professional image of the company.

The interior of closed vehicles must be clean for hygiene and food safety purposes or to prevent cross-contamination, damage or contamination of products.

Tank transport / bulk transport / tank container depots form a special category. Gröninger is the pioneer in terms of automated installations for tank cleaning / ISO container cleaning  and has a more than excellent reputation in this area. MAINPRO / assurance system for internal cleaning, a certification system developed by Gröninger, has become the standard in the industry.

Due to the specific form of tankers the roll-overs used for external cleaning are not suitable, which is why Gröniinger developed its own truck wash products. For companies in this sector and in special transport, the best result is offered through a combination of a chassis washer, wash tunnels, wash brush, roll-overs and foam packs (automated foam system for exterior cleaning).

IBC and barrel cleaning systems are also frequently used by logistics service providers.

In addition to any customised products, the Nilfisk-ALTO and Kärcher products are perfectly suited for more general cleaning processes in the food industry.