High pressure cleaners

A wide variety of pressure cleaners are available and can be selected based on different requirements such as:

  • Pressure: from 15 to 2500 bar
  • Placement: mobile or stationary
  • Temperature: hot, cold and both
  • Voltage: high, standard (mains)
  • Fuel: gas, petrol or diesel, electric
  • Frequency: 50hz of 60hz (shipping)
  • Application: determines fittings, accessories, cleaning products etc.
  • Brand: Nilfisk-ALTO, Kächer, Gröninger

Please click on the images for more information or to be directed to the manufacturer's website. To get in touch with one of our consultants, contact Gröninger by email or by phone. Our consultants offer clear and specific advice to help you make the right decision for a well-priced solution that is efficient, effective and safe in its daily use.