IBC cleaning / stainless steel container / tote cleaning systems

Gröninger Cleaning Systems offers a range of systems for IBC cleaning, from manually controlled to fully automated. Apart from IBC's they are suitable amongst other things for stainless steel liquid handling containers and product containers used in industry and logistics. The Gröninger IBC cleaning installations can be equipped with various peripherals such as dryers, vacuum pumps for residues, roller conveyors,  leak detection systems and mechanical rotators.

All activities involved in IBC cleaning can be performed automatically. As well as for IBCs, the Gröninger installations are also suitable for many kinds of stainless steel food containers (400 l / kg - 2.000 l / kg content).

Configuration options for cleaning area's

Open wash bay
Stainless steel cabins
20/40FT in-built container

Options for IBC cleaning functionality

Residual waste removal
Interior cleaning
Exterior cleaning
Wet vacuuming/Drying
Leak detection

IBC and tote cleaning methodology

Cleaning methodolgy

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