Cleaning systems in containers

For over twenty years Gröninger has been expert in fitting cleaning installations in containers.

The first technical container was delivered by Gröninger Cleaning Systems in 1991, who since then, has followed up with many different types of containers Gröninger has produced mobile washing containers containers for the past 10 years, each made to specification depending on its function.

Washing bay

The actual washing bay itself has been built inside a mobile container.

Washing Bays can be equipped with various options, including:

  • Drip trays with grid floor
  • Reel with spray gun
  • Built-in hoist to lift heavier items
  • Dirty water pump with level control
  • Etc.

The installation’s mobility and ‘plug and play’ function truly offers an advantage. The container can even be placed in an existing production hall without the need for any adjustments to the infrastructure, except of course for the connection to water, electricity and drainage, etc. 

Technical area

In this particular container, only the technical equipment has been built in. However, the container is supplemented with air / water / electricity / steam supply and return pipes as well as the necessary ventilation and antifreeze devices.

The control box is located on the outside or on the washing bay itself.

This solution is ideal for transhipment areas, logistic centres and factories. All equipment is safely locked away and access is only granted to the administrator, so the operator need only focus on his job.

Sometimes a container is divided into a washing bay (as described above) and a technical room, which is called the hybrid version.

Complete system

In the most comprehensive version, all equipment and washing bay installations are built in the containers. These are joined together at the customer’s site just like a set of lego blocks.

The advantage here is that the system can be assembled and tested in the factory before being shipped to nearby and faraway places. Subsequently, the installation and commissioning require small amounts of time and are relatively simple tasks.