Cleaning systems for plants: machines

Apart from fixed installations, Gröninger Cleaning Systems also manufactures specialised machines for specific cleaning activities. In the past years, Gröninger has responded to countless technical and operational questions.

Industrial filter cleaning cabinet

Filter cleaning is performed in many different ways. Larger filters, like the ones used in a production lines, are not usually cleaned automatically. Instead, they are removed, manually cleaned, repaired where necessary and reinstalled.

Without the use of a filter cabin, this can be a complicated, cumbersome and often dirty job. The Gröninger filter cleaning cabin allows for large filter plates to be cleaned automatically.

This system consists of the following components:

  • Stainless steel cabin with two doors with vision panels
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Automatic washer frames with fitted dirt blasters for front and rear cleaning
  • Lighting
  • Fume Exhaust Fan
  • Automatic rinse water drain
  • Stainless steel technical cabinet with built-in HD pump, chemical dosing, water buffer tank etc.

The advantages of this system are obvious:

  • Automated cleaning with an excellent end result
  • Clean, hygienic and safe cleaning in a shielded room
  • Extended life cycle of expensive filter plates

Industrial parts washing technique

Industrial dishwashers and parts cleaners from Gröninger Cleaning Systems are unique as Gröninger deliberately focuses on customised solutions for specific situations. An industrial parts washer is often part of the comprehensive washing bay design in which various types of packaging are cleaned.

Efficient and professional equipment forms the basis of any design in order to properly perform all cleaning activities to a high standard. Gröninger first helps to establish an inventory of all cleaning activities which is then considered when creating a proposal for the design of the system, including a plan for its cleaning installations.

Gröninger’s industrial parts washer can be used to clean parts of lids, seals, ball valves, smaller stainless steel barrels etc. A stainless steel work table with wash or rinse basins often forms an integral part of the design.

Stationary high pressure pump units

Stationary high pressure (and low pressure) units of Gröninger Cleaning Systems are at the heart of many cleaning installations.

The structure is compact and modular. Pressure and water requirements are dependent on the application, most importantly, the customers’ requirements and needs. Stationary systems are among other things used to feed guns, IBC cleaners, barrel cleaners, etc., in reality, they are used for most applications described elsewhere on this site.

The benefits and opportunities are as follows: 

  • Extensive choice of configurations
  • Built and tested at the factory in Schiedam
  • Single, double or triple pump system
  • Water range from 2,000 to 12,000 liters / hour
  • Pressure: from 10 to 250 bar
  • Fully assembled including control panel, water tank, heat exchanger, and optionally a sound proof enclosure etc.