Truckwash for trucks / heavy equipment

Trucks and special purpose heavy equipment are difficult to clean using traditional brush wash systems, as they are often heavily soiled and / or have hard to reach corners. Gröninger Cleaning Systems offers the perfect solution for this.

Not only can the system be an all-inclusive car wash, but modules can be purchased separately.

These modules include:

  • Water buffer tank with pressure pump
  • Prepurge bow
  • Oscillating wash lances at the side
  • Bottom cleaner at the bottom
  • Foam bow
  • Monorails with high pressure guns mounted for manual cleaning (cold / hot / foam)
  • Rinsing bow
  • Control panels and wash bay control panels

The installations are very reliable, extremely low maintenance and provide excellent washing results for heavily polluted vehicles. If desired, the equipment can be built into a container. Water re-use is also a possibility.

Chassis cleaner

A module that is often used separately, is the chassis cleaner. It is often applied on waste sites and docks where vehicles may only leave the premises after having been cleaned.

The system is also ideal for heavy military vehicles and earth moving equipment.

Chassis cleaning in practice

Chassis cleaning in practice
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Washing bays spray guns / foam

Everyone is familiar with high pressure guns that can be fed with hot or cold water.

However, the Gröninger foam pack is a high pressure pump unit that feeds two foam lances simultaneously. The pump unit consists of a stainless steel mixing tank and is provided with an automatic water filling device and level indicator. The tank dispenses the appropriate quantities of water / soap and shampoo to create the foam.

By supplying water and detergent under high pressure to the foam guns, (special) foam nozzles can be to suck in the surrounding air. This avoids the use of additional compressed air.

Rinsing bay in practice

Rinsing bay in practice
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